Music Mountain 2014

Jon Raven will be performing on the Saturday night of the June 14th, 2014

Hopefully you have heard of it by now, if you haven’t we hope to change that.

With four scheduled events, it poses to be the HOT spot this summer.

Last Year Music Mountain kicked off with a great local line-up of entertainment. Over 250 folks showed up with RV’s, Campers, Tents, Trailers, etc. and enjoyed both the secluded scenic view of the mountain plus the four local bands and many open mic talents. The first festival this summer will fire up in June on Friday the 13th through Saturday the 14th and 15th.
Country, Folk and Blue Grass entertainment will be provided by Lance Pitts & Big B followed by the Jason Perry Band on Friday night. Then on Saturday by Paul Tupper, Jon Raven, Lance Pitts & Big B (Tribute to John Prine), Next of Kin (Bluegrass), Just Friends (Bluegrass) and Kevin Beanland on Saturday night. Open mic was such a success last time we will be doing it again early Saturday and all day sunday weather permitting. The usual $50.00 per person gate fee for the whole weekend will be discounted to $30.00 per person in hopes that a greater number of people will attend and experience Music Mountain’s social atmosphere, scenic view and great entertainment.

Bring the whole family (12 and under FREE) and stay for the day or the weekend. Three more festivals to follow starting July 4th-5th, July 25th-26th and August 15th-16th. These events will be posted with the entertainment line-ups in the very near future. SPREAD THE WORD! We look forward to seeing you on the Mountain!!